5 Best Golf Balls For Beginners
5 Best Golf Balls For Beginners
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Titleist Golf Balls
Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls
One Dozen
Short Game Playability
Advanced Aerodynamics
Callaway Golf Balls
Callaway Warbird Golf Balls
One Dozen
Sensory Ionomer Cover
High-energy core
TaylorMade Golf Balls
TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls
One Dozen
Low Spin
Short Game Performance
Nike Golf Balls
Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme 16 Bi-Ling White Ball
16 balls
Thin, Ionomer Cover
Longer, Softer, Straighter
PrideSports Golf Balls
PrideSports Practice Golf Balls
12 balls
Soft, Dimpled Foam
Indoor/outdoor use

Most amateur golfers struggle to find balls that give them the confidence they need to succeed on the fairway.

Titleist DT TruSoft Balls – Editor’s Choice

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf BallsTitleist TruSoft golf balls are a favorite amongst seniors and beginners. These balls provide players with consistently powerful distance shots. Most players claim to gain yardage while minimizing spin. The balls boast extra-large compression cores. As such, they also offer ample stopping power and an exceptionally soft feel.

They come in packs of 12. The balls are available in white and high-optic yellow.

Titleist is one of the most trusted golf ball manufacturers. As such, you can expect these balls to be incredibly long-lasting and durable. You’ll pay a premium for the TruSofts. However, you should see automatic improvements in your distance and short games.


  • Softest compression on the market
  • Produces minimal spin on long-distance shots
  • Efficient stops
  • Proprietary Trutouch Core design


  • Pricey for a dozen

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls – Best Distance Balls for Beginners – Top Runner-Up

Callaway Warbird Golf BallsThe Callaway Warbirds provide newbie players with lots of launching power and distance. These balls feature super-sensitive ionomer covers and extra-large compression cores. As a result, they truly soar when they are hit with the right iron. If you’re an inexperienced golfer who’s looking to score some extra yardage, the Warbirds have a lot to offer.

We enjoyed watching the Warbird’s dimpled HEX covers in action. The balls have very little surface space. As such, they do not have a lot of backspin or drag. The core/cover combo responds well to almost every iron. These balls are priced to sell. Their quality is very consistent, and their durability is undeniable.

Callaway’s balls come in one-dozen packs in your choice of white or yellow. Each box weighs just over 9 pounds. The Warbirds didn’t offer a lot of stopping power, but they were still strong contenders on the fairway. In fact, the Warbirds are your quintessential two-piece beginner golf balls. Most consumers are eager to invest in a second box.


  • 12 premium golf balls per pack
  • HEX Aerodynamics provide balls with excellent launching speed and precision
  • Ionomer cover offers heightened sensitivity
  • Extra-large “high-energy” core offers impressive compression
  • Available in white and yellow


  • Not soft enough for short game

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls – Best Budget Option

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf BallsTaylorMade’S 2018 Distance+ 12-pack of golf balls is an excellent option for first-time golfers who are shopping on a tight budget. These balls have super responsive one-piece REACT Speed Cores. They are aerodynamic, with low drag and very little backspin. They also have a very soft compression rating.

The balls are made from just two pieces, including an extra-large rubber core and a 342-dimple cover. The dimples are wide and shallow. As such, the balls have very little drag. They are available in packs of 12. Customers can choose between pearly white and high-optic yellow. The TaylorMade balls will improve your distance and short games without breaking the bank.

Who else offers 12 game-improving balls for less than $15?


  • Low spin and high speed on distance shots
  • Enhanced yardage for newbie golfers
  • 342-dimple pattern for enhanced aerodynamics and less drag
  • Packaged weight of the balls is just over 3 pounds
  • Single-piece proprietary REACT speed core reduces drag and limits backspin


  • Limited stopping power during short putts

Nike Power Distance Long Golf Balls – Best Distance Aerodynamics

Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme 16 Bi-Ling White BallPlayers say they gained lots of unexpected yardages when using the Nike Power Distance Long Golf Balls. These balls are made with premium ionomer covers and extra-large high-velocity cores. Like most beginner golf balls, the Power Distance balls make the most of two-piece ball construction.

If you are a player that struggles with swing speed or hitting accuracy, you’ll love what these balls do for your game. Not to mention, the balls’ pearly white color sticks out all backdrops.

The balls are capable of some pretty impressive aerodynamics. Shots tend to be long and accurate with lots of rolling power. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper performance golf ball. The Power Distance balls have a snappy sound and excellent feel. We recommend stocking up on the 2018 models before Nike changes its formula.


  • Great launch
  • Lots of speed and distance
  • Premium aerodynamics and reduced drag
  • White dimpled ionomer covers provide optimal launches
  • Two-piece construction with single-piece high-energy core
  • Soft compression
  • Responds well to a variety of irons


  • Limited availability

Pride Sports Foam Practice Golf Balls – Best Practice Golf Balls

PrideSports Practice Golf BallsThe only way to master your strike is to practice. These dimpled yellow foam golf balls are ideal for home-based practice sessions. Their bright color makes it easy to keep track of them. What’s more, their soft foam material is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

These balls are perfect for inexperienced players who are looking for something a bit more dynamic than the holey plastic alternatives. Keep in mind that foam practice balls don’t travel as far as real golf balls. You can swing and retrieve your ball without sending your pedometer into overdrive.

If you want to improve your golf swing but don’t have a lot of room to practice, a dozen of Pride Sports’ squishy practice balls should do the trick. You won’t get the same sound or distance that you do with plastic practice balls. However, you will probably get more run time out of Pride Sports practice balls.


  • Dimpled foam balls that are perfect for practice sessions
  • Very bright and highly visible yellow color
  • Can be used inside
  • One dozen balls


  • Not suitable for actual game play

How to Choose the Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Amateur golfers tend to have slower swing speeds and less accuracy. Therefore, they need balls that will improve their performances on the fairway. We looked at every element of golf balls to determine what makes the best beginner golf balls.


Most beginner golf balls feature extra-large high-velocity cores with pliant covers. Most golf balls contain solid rubber cores. Single-piece cores provide players with enhanced yardage and reduced spin. The composition of a ball’s core has a large impact on a ball’s compression rating. Beginners with low swing speeds usually prefer soft balls. These balls have the lowest possible compression ratings.


Most beginner golf balls feature two-piece configurations with flexible ionomer covers. These covers tend to be bright white or neon yellow. They also tend to have lots of dimples. The number of dimples on a golf ball determines its launching power and aerodynamic capabilities. Dimples reduce the amount of surface space on a golf ball. Check out this informative video to learn more about why golf balls have dimples.


Amateur golfers often struggle to keep track of their golf balls. When you lose track of your ball, you hold up the players on the holes behind you. Choose golf balls that are easy to track both in the air and on the ground. Most players opt for pearly white balls. However, neon yellow balls are also excellent options. You should be able to track your ball against all backdrops.

Final Thoughts

So have you decided to become a golfer and already bought a good golf club set? But you also need a few golf balls. It may seem a simple task, but there are several nuances to consider when you choose balls for the golfers making their first steps.

It doesn’t sound so complicated to find the best golf ball. However, if you take a closer look at the subject, it quickly becomes clear that there is a lot to consider. First of all, you should ask yourself whether a full or a multi-layer golf ball is more suitable for you and only then should you consider the right ball for your handicap and price range.

Two best sets of golf balls for beginners, according to numerous tests

For example, I can highly recommend the set made by Titleist, because the low spin balls are convincing due to their excellent workmanship combined with a soft feel and a very long flight path. Alternatively, I can also highly recommend the set made by Callaway, because the balls allow a soft tee shot, have a softer core and allow a very good playing feel.

If you want to buy golf balls, you should take a closer look at the pitch of the balls before comparing prices and also consider whether a cheap golf ball is sufficient for you or whether it should rather be a premium model.

Two-piece balls are made of a harder plastic and have a coating. They are much stronger than one-piece balls so the higher ranges are possible. The feel and control of the ball are also improved. For an average golfer, such balls are usually sufficient.

Three-piece balls have a similar structure, but the coating is much softer than with two-piece balls. In addition, such balls also have a layer of liquid rubber, which allows advanced golfers to give the ball more spin and correspondingly better control.

Premium golf balls only really make sense for golfers with a low handicap, because only when you have refined your hitting technique can you noticeably benefit from maximum control and a very good feel. Apart from a significantly higher price, beginners have hardly any advantages over simpler balls.

The price range of golf balls is huge. However, beginners and players with a high handicap hardly understand any advantages of a high-quality ball. Opt for cheap balls because you will lose many of them during your first practices. More expensive golf balls are good only for professional players at official championships.

If you are a novice golfer, I recommend buying these best golf balls for beginners:

  1. Titleist offers one dozen of standard balls, with advanced aerodynamics;
  2. Callaway produces the sets with one dozen of balls having sensory ionomer covers;
  3. TaylorMade is another set of dozen balls, they are good for practicing low spin;

Nike and PrideSports of dimpled ball sets are awesome as well, make sure to check them before making a final decision.

Golf Tip of the Week: How to Hit a Golf Ball for Beginners

Amateur golfers are far more likely to enjoy and succeed at the game when they have the best supplies in their arsenal. We hope that you test out some of our recommendations for this golf season. If you’re still unsure of what golf balls to use, opt for the Titleist DT TruSoft Balls . These balls are great for both distance and short games. Have you had the opportunity to test any of the balls we mentioned? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

I hope these balls will help to make the first perfect swings and hits. Do not forget other reviews on Golf-Hook for beginners. And, please, leave your feedback, so I could make this website’s content even more interesting for novice and experienced golfers.

Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a golf player from New York. I have a lot of friends and I like to play with them. This site created to help people who started to play golf recently.

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