10 Best Disc Golf Bags
10 Best Disc Golf Bags
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Discraft Weekender
6 Discs
Discraft Weekender
Dynamic Discs Trooper
Affordable high-quality bag
Athletico Disc Golf Bag
Color: Black
10-14 Discs
Easy to carry
Kestrel Disc Golf Bag
Color: Black
10 Discs
Perfect for any age
Innova Champion Discs
Color: Black/Gray
12 Discs
Front putter pocket
Shot Disc Golf Backpack
Color: Black
20+ Disc Capacity
Easy to carry
The Throwback Sack
Play Refreshed
12-15 Discs
6 Cold Drinks
Disc Tournament
Color: Black
12 Discs
PVC wet-proof bottom
Throwback All Day Pack
Biggest Cooler
16+ Disc Capacity
Top Bottle Holder
Dynamic Discs
Color: Black/Gray
16-18 Discs
Adjustable shoulder strap

Recently I’m very into disc golf and after picking the best discs I’ve decided to purchase a special bag for transporting my sports gear. I was having fun during a few days of tests. Finally, I can share my opinion about the major features a good disc golf bag should have.

Major features of good disc golf bags:

  • It must be waterproof;
  • A good bag should be also quite durable – it must withstand 3-4 seasons of active sports;
  • Spacious design – inner compartments and pockets to put more than just discs;
  • A flat inner grid pocket along the opening compartment is preferable – it must fit a first-aid kit, a pair of socks, and a protein bar;
  • Side puffs are also good – if the bag is half empty, you can use puffs and it will look more compact, or the puffs can be loosened and foam can be inserted under them;

How should you wear a disc golf bag?

You may wear it like a backpack – wide straps can be adjusted from above and below. Surely, you may wear it like any other bag – most models have two short handles, which can be connected with a handy Velcro grip. Also, you may put the bag vertically and carry it for short distances by the handle on the bag’s side (it will be especially convenient at any airport).

What models did I pick as my top 10 best disc golf bags?

  • Discraft Weekender is good for transporting 6 discs at the same time, offers many color options;
  • Discraft Weekender has another black or blue lightweight model with a special compartment for dynamic discs;
  • Athletico produces black bags for 14 discs or less, they are extremely easy to carry;
  • Kestrel is perfect for any age, good for transporting 10 discs;
  • Innova Champion Discs bag can fit 12 discs, with a front putter pocket;

Other brands that I also recommend thanks to their awesome disc golf bags: Shot Backpack, The Throwback Sack, Disc Tournament, Dynamic Discs.
Also, check the video tutorial about buying discs for this awesome sport. What disc golf bags can you recommend? I’d like to check your picks and discuss them with you. I’ll wait for your feedback to keep my website updated and interesting for you.

Video Tutorial: Choosing Discs Without Overlap

Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a golf player from New York. I have a lot of friends and I like to play with them. This site created to help people who started to play golf recently.

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  1. If you are an active disc golf type of person, you simply need to have one of these bags. I go out every weekend and every single time I bring my bag with me. It’s honestly a necessity to have and keeps all of my disc golf stuff together in one place. I highly recommend it.

  2. I have a disc golf bag that holds two water bottles and 20+ discs. I personally have not carried that many, though it is nice to know doing so is possible if the need ever arises. The straps are comfortable and supportive, which is a major plus for longer days.

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