How To Clean Golf Clubs
How To Clean Golf Clubs
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You’ve decided that you are going to go on a golf tour. That’s a fantastic idea. Somebody has probably mentioned to you that it is also a good idea to wash your golf clubs before you put them into your travel bag. Now, the reason for this is particularly if you’re traveling overseas, quarantine at the airport can be quite strict, and the last thing that you want when you’re going away on a golf holiday is to be pulled over into the other line and they go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. Usually, they just like to have a look at one or two of your clubs, or in particular your golf shoes, to make sure that you don’t have any dirt or grass that you’re bringing into the country that you’re traveling to or when you come home. So, it’s important to give your clubs a good clean. It isn’t that difficult and a lot of it is very straightforward. But we thought today we’d just go through and give you a quick rundown on how to best wash your clubs.

How To Clean Golf Clubs Guide

All you need to give your clubs a good clean is some very simple things that you probably already have. Now you can wash your clubs in a bucket or the kitchen sink because it’s a bit easier. You can use old tea towels, or you could even use an old toothbrush if you’d like, and a towel, and also a face washer and just some everyday detergent. Now, it’s important with the temperature of the water that you wash your clubs in that the water is not too hot, because you don’t want to affect the glue that helps to keep the heads on your clubs. The last thing you want while you’re on a golf holiday is your head flying off because you’ve cleaned the bejesus out of your clubs.

How To Clean Golf Clubs Tutorial

The other thing to be mindful of is, with the irons, we don’t want the water to go over the ferrule, which is the part where the head connects to the shaft. So, you want to make sure that you have the only sort of got that much water in your bucket, just so that yes, it doesn’t affect that area. First of all, you need to put all of your irons into your bucket or your sink, so that they can just soak for a little bit to get any of that ground stuck-on dirt off.

How To Clean Golf Clubs Instruction

You mustn’t soak your driver or your fairway woods or your hybrids or your putter or any other clubs other than your irons. Those we’ll clean later just by wiping over. So, these clubs had been soaking for a little bit now, and we just gently brush with the nylon brush in the direction of the grooves, to get any of that dirt out. If there was any stubborn dirt in there, you can use the tip of a T just to run along those grooves and just to make sure that you’re getting everything out.

Once you finish cleaning the face of the club and all the grooves, you can then turn the club over and just use the nylon brush and just rub over gently over the rest of the club’s face. Once you’ve finished that, you can also use a damp cloth just to wipe over the rest of the club. Now with the driver, we don’t soak it in the bucket or the sink. Instead, we use a damp, clean, soft cloth, and we just wipe all over the club to give it a good clean.

Cleaning Golf Clubs Step By Step Guide

You can also use the cloth to also just give the shaft a little bit of a wipe too. And for the putter, the hybrids, and the fairway woods in your bag, you just do the same thing. Just give it a nice, good, clean wipe with a damp, clean, soft towel and get any of that caked-on dirt you may have picked up over the rounds off your club.

And then, the last thing that you need to do is just to give your clubs a really good dry before you pop them back into your bag. Hopefully, you’ve got a nice secure travel bag that you can put them straight into.

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