5 Best Women's Golf Clubs For Beginners
5 Best Women’s Golf Clubs For Beginners
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Callaway Womens Strata Complete Golf Set
Right Hand
Stand Bag
Wilson Golf Womens Ultra Package Set
Right Hand
Lightweight Women
Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set - Purple - Right-Handed
Right Hand
2 Hybrid Irons
4 Matching Head Covers
Wilson Womens Ultra Complete Package Golf Set
Left Hand
Lightweight Cart Bag
Steel Shaft Mallet Putter
Top Performance
Premium Lightweight Ladies Golf Club Set Right Hand
Right Hand
Lightweight Graphite Shaft
Deluxe Stand Bag

Women’s golf clubs are specially made for female golfers. Due to the difference in height and physical strength between men and women, women’s golf clubs for beginners should be shorter, more flexible and lighter in weight. It is no secret that the swing speed is much lower for women than for men. This forces manufacturers to make design and construction material changes so female golfers can get the most out of their golf clubs. Because of the lesser grip of women’s hands, one can see that the grip of a women’s golf club is much smaller than that of a men’s golf club.

Women tend to swing slower, which is the main reason why manufacturers must make golf clubs more flexible. Such clubs also hold the light to deal with the problem of slower swinging speeds for female golfers. Lighter clubs allow female players to have higher swing speeds. The length of a woman’s golf club is also limited to allow female players to adapt and hit a golf ball naturally.

The peculiar features of women’s golf clubs for beginners:

  • Check the club’s length – it depends on your height. Opt for the clubs with a shorter length if your height is lower or the same as the average for a woman. Tall ladies should think about buying the clubs designed for male golfers;
  • Think of buying high-lofted clubs that help to lift the ball easily from the green or ground;
  • Buy perimeter weighted club heads because they offer a faster speed due to a larger sweet spot;
  • Graphite shafts make the women’s clubs weigh lower, so look for such a gear;

Top 5 best women’s golf clubs for beginners: personal recommendations

I think the following brands release very good women’s golf clubs for beginners:

  • Callaway’s 11-piece set is good for right-hand players, and has a nice stand bag included;
  • Wilson is another great pick of lightweight clubs for right-hand women;
  • Believe set includes 2 hybrid irons and 4 matching head covers;
  • Wilson offers another great club – a mallet putter with a steel shaft for left-hand golfers. It also includes a lightweight cart bag;
  • Top Performance is the set with a promising title for right-hand players. The clubs have a lightweight graphite shaft with a deluxe stand bag included;

I’ve also added an interesting video that shows better what clubs are good for female beginners. Thanks for reading this review, feel free to offer any facts to add to this post. I will surely update if your tips will turn out to be useful.

Interesting Video: Best Golf Clubs For Beginner Golfers

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