5 Best Golf Towels
5 Best Golf Towels
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Chill Pal
Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel
12 x 32 inches
Durable design
Greens Towel
Greens Towel Microfiber
16 x 16 inches
Microfiber construction
3 Pack
Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel
21 x 16 inches
Microfiber construction
Carabiner attachment
Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel
20 x 20 inches
Premium materials
Carabiner attachment
Mile High Life
Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel
16 x 21 inches
Microfiber construction
Carabiner attachment

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50% of users selected Chill Pal, 12.5% selected Greens Towel, 12.5% selected Callaway, 12.5% selected Frogger and 12.5% selected Mile High Life. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

This sports game, which is more than one century old, came to us from the shepherds of ancient Scotland. It continues to expand its geographic coordinates even now, acquiring an increasing number of fans in love with this game. For some, a hobby begins to be a way of life, for others – a professional vocation that changes life itself.
Elegant golf equipment, painted landscapes of the playing fields gave the impression of a game of aristocrats about it, conducive to a leisurely conversation or a business conversation. Although there are no restrictions on the level of material wealth for the supporters of the game. Clothes are selected according to the game – comfortable, sophisticated, and graceful. Quality footwear that provides shock resistance is made by companies with a century of experience. Shoe models continue to evolve in line with the times.
Golf equipment is represented by a wide selection of golf clubs, balls, bags and carts, necessary accessories, exercise equipment, and many other components for the game.
Don’t forget about golf towels. The choice of such accessories is too large and sometimes it is very difficult to make the right choice of golf towels.
Always remember that you are playing, and select sports equipment according to your parameters. Correctly selected equipment is the key to a successful outcome of the meeting and a good mood, so carefully select the main sports equipment. We’ve put together a golf towel review so that you can browse all the features and make the right choice.

Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel–the best for long-lasting heat relief technology

Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel (Ocean Blue)
This line, according to the seller, was created for sports, the main difference is the “breathable” material, which does not stick to the skin when it dries and absorbs sweat well.
Thanks to its absorbent properties, the device cools you as the moisture evaporates. In the heat, it is often difficult to find cool water to moisten the fabric, everything is very simple here: even warm water will do.


  • New packaging;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • High grade and extra thick PVA is used.


  • There is a carabiner on the package, but not on the towel itself.
As for the duration of the effect, it lasts about 3 hours before the towel dries – the figure is not higher than that of other models. For convenience, the set comes with a cover in which you can put a damp towel after your workout or game.

Greens Towel Microfiber (3 Pack)– the best for a carabiner clip

3 Pack of Sterling Silver Microfiber Golf Towels
This model is made using Plush Super-Absorbent Microfiber, the high density of which allows the dressing to absorb more moisture. The disadvantage of this product is that when it dries, the towel becomes coarser and many complain of reddening of the skin at the location of the towel when it is dry.
There are a large number of color solutions, 12 colors, so everyone can choose a color to their liking. The size is slightly smaller than that of the previous model, but such proportions are much more convenient for wearing a towel, even in a pocket.


  • Convenient;
  • Has perfect size;
  • Has the carabiner clip on the towel;
  • Super absorbent;
  • Has 3 towels in one pack;
  • Made of lightweight microfiber with plush nap yarns.


  • Not a beach blanket;
  • Just one size.

A golf towel with a soft nap on the front and a shorter, denser terry nap on the back. With a snap hook for attaching to a golf bag.

Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel– the best for microfiber construction

Callaway Tri Fold Towel, Black
The sports towel is made of microfiber. Cooling towel for sports with carabiner. Cooling towel – especially for those who play sports or do not tolerate heat. The cooling tower has a small size, it is convenient to carry it with you in your bag, it stays cold for several hours.
The towel is made from an innovative material that retains moisture inside, but at the same time, it remains dry to the touch.
After getting wet, it gradually begins to become colder than the environment. It is convenient to put it on your neck and go in for sports with it or take a walk. To activate the refreshing effect, you need to wet the towel, wring it out and shake it several times.


  • Slim;
  • Made of microfiber;
  • Carabineer to easy use;
  • Absorbent.


  • The color tone of the product may differ from the one shown in the photo, including it depends on your computer monitor settings.

The towel can be easily attached to any golfer’s bag. It absorbs moisture very well due to its material and remains cold for a long time. It is also easy for them to wipe the golfer’s equipment and even glasses.

Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel– the best for two towels in one

Frogger Golf Amphibian Wet/Dry Golf Towel, Black/Grey
The towel is easy to use and easy to attach to the bag, it won’t reach the ground and smear. Another innovation is the ability to use the towel in any weather.
Thanks to its versatile design, the towel stays dry inside even if it gets wet. This will allow you to wipe down objects, balls, and other equipment, even in rainy weather.


  • Two towels in one;
  • Suitable for other sports;
  • Easy to use and attachments;
  • Can be used in any weather (sunny or rainy).


  • For some, it may seem that the size is large.

The towel is made from 50% Cotton / 50% viscose derived from Bamboo, it is soft and pleasant to the body. Also, the towel has high strength and durability. It’s compact folded size makes it easy to fit into a training bag. The towel perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It is convenient to use.

Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel– the best for a variety of colors

Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel | Premium Microfiber Fabric | Waffle Pattern | Heavy Duty Carabiner Clip (Black)
The towel is easy to use due to the Aluminum clip/carabiner. It is easy to attach to trousers, bag. You will not lose your towel and it will always be at hand.
The towel is made of microfiber. This material absorbs less water but is easier to wash.


  • Variety of colors;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Absorb water.


  • Light shades are quickly smeared out.

A practical, versatile towel with vibrant colors made from soft-touch microfiber material. Ideal for sports use while playing golf. The treatment with a unique antibacterial agent prevents the accumulation of bacteria, prevents the development of unpleasant odors, and the towel stays clean and fresh longer.

Buyer`s Guide

Choosing the right towel is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Consider the following when choosing a golf towel.


Most often, natural fibers are used as material – cotton, linen. But other materials can also be used.

Cotton is a practical, durable material that does not cause allergies and skin irritation. Cotton towels are the most common option.

Bamboo is a soft and eye-catching material. Bamboo fabric is made from natural raw materials, but belongs to synthetic materials, as it undergoes chemical processing during manufacture. Bamboo resembles silk in its qualities.

Microfiber – absorbs water and lasts longer. While microfiber is a good candidate for a towel, cotton is still the best choice because of its affordability, hygroscopicity, and durability.


Density is the number of villi per unit area. The density of the material determines the resistance to wear of the towel, as well as its ability to absorb moisture. The denser the towel, the longer it will last and the more water it will absorb. Density also affects the softness of the towel: the denser the towel, the softer it is.


Often the color of the towel is chosen based on taste. However, this option has a disadvantage – high-quality and safe dye is not always used in the manufacture of towels. Products dyed in bright colors may shed during washing, and also leave “colorful” stains on the body. It is better to choose towels in muted pastel colors, as they are more sustainable.

Video Tutorial: Five Things Every Golfer Should Have In Their Bag

Final Words

About 52 percent of citizens go in for sports, many of them are club cardholders in golf clubs. The increase in statistics indicates that people love sports, and the proliferation of clubs makes exercise etiquette an integral part of people’s lives.

When choosing a towel, you should carefully examine it from all sides: a quality product should be evenly colored on both sides and not have a pungent odor.

To determine the stiffness of a towel, you need to touch it and even apply it to exposed areas of the body.

At home, you can test the towel for synthetics in the fabric. To do this, simply pour a small amount of water onto a smooth surface and wipe it off. If there are stains, synthetics are present. We recommend using a mild detergent to prevent the towel from getting hard.

Choosing towels course – partly personal decision based on your unique needs, but the universal reason why it is important to use these towels, do exist.

Choosing the perfect golf towel doesn’t end with the purchase. You must learn to take care of your golf towels and also keep them in optimal condition. If you take proper care of your towels, they can last you for years.

Golf Towel Bestsellers

We have tested the most popular golf towels (the table is updated daily). We show the result in the bestseller list. Here you will find the best available products for you sorted by the customer reviews.

Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a golf player from New York. I have a lot of friends and I like to play with them. This site created to help people who started to play golf recently.

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