5 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners
5 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners
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Pinemeadow Golf
Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids
Left Hand
Shaft Material: Graphite
Flex: Regular
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge
Left Hand
Shaft Material: Steel
Flex: Wedge
Callaway Womens
Right Hand
4 Head covers
Full titanium driver
Square Strike
Square Strike Wedge -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women
Left Hand
Flex: Wedge
Palm Springs Golf
Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite
Right Hand
Oversize 460cc driver
Lady Flex

How To Measure Golf Club Length

Club length is the number one parameter in golf. As a consumer, the biggest thing you want to know is what length clubs you have, and the reason for that is if they feel too long or too short, and you want to get new clubs, then it’s helpful to have that information on hand. However, most people don’t know how to measure club length correctly.

To measure club length, you’re going to need a sturdy 48-inch ruler. Unfortunately, the yardstick is going to be too short, except to measure a few wedges, maybe your putter, and junior clubs. And a tape measure is going to be too flexible, so a good sturdy aluminum ruler works best for this application. To measure club length correctly, the club needs to be positioned with the center of the sole touching the ground, and your ruler backed by the heel touching the ground. This is the correct way to measure. If the club is too upright, where the toe is resting, or the club is resting on the toe or the heel, you’re going to get an incorrect measurement. So that’s why it’s best to have the center of the sole touching first, slide your ruler in afterward.

A putter is measured slightly different from any other club in the bag because of where the shaft enters the head. Instead of the heel, a lot of putters are measured in the center. Now to measure club length, you don’t measure here and up the backside, but along the edge of the shaft. And then, from there, you can measure to the edge of the grip cap. And you measure along the back edge of the shaft at the lie-angle of the putter. Again, make sure that the center of the sole is touching the ground. From here, you just measured the edge of the grip cap, which in this case happens to be 34 and a quarter inches. And that’s how to measure the length of a putter accurately.

Video Tutorial: Ping G410 vs Ping G Series Hybrid (Review)

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