10 Best Golf Cart Bags
10 Best Golf Cart Bags
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Founders Club Premium
Insulated Cooler Pocket
10 Zipper Pockets
Anti-Rattle Iron Slots
Sun Mountain Golf
Smart straps
Easily connects (bag to cart)
14 way dividers
Plenty of zippered pockets
Velcro glove holder
Hot-Z Golf Cart Bag
Individual dividers
9 zippered pockets
Lightweight Nylon materials
10 pockets
Enough space to carry
E-trolley base System
TaylorMade Golf Bag
2 garment pockets
Cart optimized
Velour lined valuables pocket
OGIO Duchess Cart Bag
6 zippered pockets
Fleece lined valuables pocket
Cart strap channels
Datrek Lite Rider II
Seven pockets
Soft-grip oversized putter well
Oversized pocket
Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag
Seven total pockets
420 Denier Nylon
Oversized pocket
Callaway Golf
Magnetic range finder pocket
Dual pen holder
Magnetic valuables pockets

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Golf Cart Bags

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65% of users selected Founders Club Premium, 10% selected Sun Mountain Golf, 15% selected PROSIMMON Golf Bag, 5% selected Hot-Z Golf Cart Bag and 5% selected EG EAGOLE Eagole. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Are you looking for a golf bag that you can strap on your cart? We’ve talked to several golf experts in hopes of honing in on the top golf cart bags on the market. Not only do these bags offer exceptional storage and club protection, but they also look great on the green.

Do you need a place to store your golf clubs while you’re mosying to the 18th hole? These golf bags serve as spectacular storage solutions for your clubs, tees, and balls. Read along to discover over favorite golf bags!

Founders Club Premium Golf Cart Bag – Editor’s Choice

1 Founders Club Premium Cart BagThis incredible golf bag features 14 padded dividers as well as several external holders and storage compartments. The dual velour side pockets provide a space for your precious valuables.

Dual expandable side pockets make it possible for you to pack bulky rain gear. Meanwhile, a padded beverage cooler enables you to bring a drink or two along on the ride. This bag also comes with a 12-month warranty. It even has a strap channel that can be used to secure it to a motorized golf cart.


  • 14 molded top club organizers
  • Soft padding prevents clubs from clanging against each other
  • Accepts extra-large club grips up to 1 2/4 inches
  • Reinforced plastic base
  • Small cooler
  • Strap condiot for securing on cart


  • Pricey

Sun Mountain’s C-130 Golf Cart Bag – Top Customer Option

2 Sun Mountain Golf Cart BagThis Sun Mountain bag prepares you for every moment on the course. It features a standard 14-pocket club divider with a designated putter hole. It also has a pocket with a soft velour lining.

This can be used to store a rangefinder or valuables. Not to mention, there are 10 additional side pockets as well as a retractable rain hood. Adding to this golf bag’s glorious reputation, it is super easy to secure on the back of a motorized golf cart.


  • Water-resistant valuables bag
  • Strap for securing bag on the back of a motorized golf cart
  • Smart straps
  • Available in two colorways
  • 10 pockets
  • 14-compartment top for organizing clubs


  • None

PROSiMMON Tour Bag – Best Budget Pick

3 PROSiMMON Cart Golf BagThis budget-friendly golf bag comes with the same accessories offered by premium brands. First off, you have your choice of four unique color combinations. This bag boasts a 14-part club compartment as well as an external putter well.

An insulated pocket provides a space to store a few cold drinks and a snack. There is also a plush pocket, a golf holder, a towel holder, and a water-resistant hood. All these accessories and more weigh in at just over 5 pounds.


  • Available in four colorways
  • 14 club dividers
  • External putter or oversized club well
  • Hook and loop glove holder as well as an exterior towel ring
  • Premium nylon rain hood


  • Golf cart strap interferes with putter pocket

Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart Bag – Best Option for Tournaments

4 Hot-z golf cart bagWe love that the Hot-Z’s club compartments go all the way to the bottom. This lovely bag also includes a putter pit, valuables pocket, and bottle cooler.

There are plenty of luxurious accessory holders, including pockets for a umbrellas, tees, scorecards, golf gloves, and a rain hood. The entire bag is made from nylon. As such, it is incredibly durable and lightweight.


  • 14-compartment divider as well as a putter pit
  • Nine zippered pockets
  • A reinforced plastic base
  • Velour pocket for valuables
  • Insulated cooler pocket


  • Bottom could be stronger

Eagole Golf Bag – Smoothest Sailing on the Green

5 EG EAGOLE Eagole Super Light Golf Cart BagIt is hard to find a bag this nice for such a low price. Nevertheless, the Eagole comes to us with nine pockets, 14 club dividers, and a fancy new E-trolley base. It is hard to believe that this lightweight carrying case can hold up to 12 cans of beer.

With so many separate storage spaces, you’ll never have to go searching for your scorecard or keys. What’s more, your clubs will slide smoothly out of the full-length dividers.


  • Nine bonus pockets for golf accessories
  • Cooler can hold eight bottles or 12 cans
  • Three molded plastic handles
  • Rolling base for easy coasting
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Fabric frays over time

TaylorMade Golf TM Cart – Most Pro-Inspired Design

6 TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0TaylorMade has looked to their professional partners for this bag’s design inspiration. This fabulous golf bag features 14 club compartments as well as nine separate pockets. This bag proves that you don’t need to spend a lot on style.

You’ll be able to store your clubs without having to worry about them bouncing around. While this bag doesn’t come with a cooler, you’ll have plenty of dough left for the club bar.


  • Multiple grab handles
  • 14-compartment top with multiple full-length dividers
  • Two full-length garment pockets
  • Ideal for inclement weather


  • No cooler pocket

OGIO Golf 2017 Tyro Cart Bag – Top Beginner Bag

7 OGIO Golf 2017 Duchess Cart BagIf you are a new golfer, you have no use for all 14 club compartments. This minimalist golf cart bag is all that you need. There are six additional and several integrated grab handles. You can secure this bag on the back of any motorized golf cart.

Save money while you are training and invest in this small Tyro bag. You won’t think twice about your decision after testing it out on the course.


  • Six-compartment top
  • Integrated lift handles
  • Six pockets
  • Comes in two color combinations


  • None

Datrek Golf 2017 Lite Rider II Cart Bag – Simplest Design

8 Datrek Golf Lite Rider II Cart BagThe Datrek bag offers 14 individual golf club dividers. There’s also an oversized compartment for a putter or large club. There are seven additional storage compartments, including two apparel pockets, a ball pocket, and a fleece valuables pocket.

You can even pack a few brews in the oversized cooler section. Choose between three basic colorways, including ones with pink and silver trim.


  • 14-compartment club storage
  • Oversized putter well
  • Seven additional storage pockets, including a fleece pocket for valuables
  • Oversized insulated cooler


  • None

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag – Softed Grips

9 Datrek DG Lite II Cart BagIf you have trouble hoisting your golf clubs, you’ll appreciate this lightweight cart bag. It only weighs 4.2 pounds, and it features soft fabric-lined grips. It contains 15 golf club dividers as well as seven storage pockets.

There’s even an oversized cooler for snacks and drinks. Pack your favorite clubs in this bag. Then, hitch it to the back of your golf cart. You’ll be prepared for a day on the green.


  • Soft-grip handles for more comfortable lifts
  • Seven extra storage pockets including a fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Oversized insulated cooler
  • 15 compartments for clubs
  • Made super durable Denier nylon
  • Weighs just 4.2 pounds


  • None

Callaway Golf Cart Bag – Sweetest Magnetic Pockets

10 Callaway Golf Org 14 Cart BagThis Callaway golf cart bag will make you the boss of the green. It has over a dozen full-length club pockets as well as several unique storage pockets. The magnetic pocket features are what really set this back apart from the pack.

These features ensure that you don’t misplace your most precious gear items and valuables. We also love that this bag is made from a unique heather-woven material. It has a stunning appearance. Not to mention, it holds all the basics as well as a few luxurious add-ons.


  • Rangefinder and pocket with soft lining
  • 14-way top with full-length dividers
  • Pen holders
  • Insulated cooler with drain holes


  • Pricey

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s talk about what makes one golf cart bag stick out from the rest!

Divider System

We love that golf cart bags boast divider systems. These padded organizers help you locate and retrieve your clubs. A good system also keeps the metal clubs from clanging up against each other. Premium divider systems boast 14 full-length club compartments. Meanwhile, basic models only divide the clubs at the top of the bag. If your dividers don’t go to the bottom, your clubs may become tangled.
Many golf cart bags also boast an oversized compartment for a large club. This compartment may be part of the principal divider system. However, it is typically located on the side of the bag. Individual putter compartments are some of our favorite golf bag accommodations. After all, few clubs get as much use as this one.


Don’t underestimate the importance of golf bag storage. You’ll need a place to pack several items if you want to appear well-prepared and knowledgable. Make sure that your bag has full-length garment bags, an umbrella holder, and a valuables bag. You’ll also want it to have sections for pens, tees, scorecards, and balls. Most golfers also enjoy having a space to hang a golf towel and gloves. Last but certainly not least, you may want to consider purchasing a golf bag with a small insulated cooler.

Rain Hood

Rain hoods are easily overlooked. However, these essential accessories keep your clubs dry in inclement weather. Most golf cart bag manufacturers throw them on at no extra cost. Just be sure that your next golf bag comes with a quality cover!

Handles and Weight

A solid set of grab handles will make it easier for you to lug your bag around the course. While cart bags are usually hitched to a cart, they are handled manually too. Make sure that your bag is not too heavy. You will need to transport it to and from your vehicle. Many bags weigh no more than 5 pounds. These bags still manage to be very durable.

How To Organize Golf Bag

First of all, we need a golf bag and preferably would have golf clubs in it. Actually, there’s more importance to that than most people think. Not just throwing your clubs in a bag, so we want to make sure it balances. Put your shorter clubs, pitching wedge and sand wedge in the very shortest bottom end of the golf club, that’s going to hang.

Then as you go into the middle section, separate them into seven, eight, nine on the right. Four, five, six on the left. So you’ve got your shortest clubs in the middle, a little bit longer clubs on the top middle right, and longer irons, middle left.

Then your woods, put them to the top of the bag. The reason for this is balance more than anything else. Then put your putter. Now some bags have a little putter holder, which is nice, but recommended to put putter in up with your woods at the top so that it doesn’t bang on the irons and get chipped or marred by the irons. The heavier longer clubs are at the top, the low, shorter, less heavier clubs are toward the bottom. So the club balances very easily, very important.

Sometimes we have an opposite situation of that is if you don’t ever carry your clubs and you use what we call a cart bag, cart bags are arranged opposite. So the bags or the compartments that you keep your equipment in are to the outside of the cart. So your woods go to the back of the bag and your irons would go to the front. They’re balance isn’t as important because it’s riding on a cart, but it makes it easily accessible to be able to see your irons, then the woods there. If you had the woods in front on a cart with the bags the opposite way, you can’t see your clubs to get them out. So if you’re carrying, keep your shorter clubs to the front, woods at the top. If you’re riding all the time with a cart or a cart bag, keep your clubs so that your woods are to the back of your bag and your short irons are at the front so you can see them.

Video Tutorial: How to Organize Your Golf Bag

Final Thoughts

A golf cart bag can make or break your time on the green. That’s why we’ve spent so much time mulling over our picks for the best cart bags. We hope that our reviews make it easier for you to select a premium storage device. We’ve done our best to include everything from luxurious professional models to solid beginner options.

After careful consideration, we’re happy to announce the Founders Club Premium Cart Bag as our top selection. This bag has it all, including an attractive design, ample lengthy dividers, plenty of zippered pockets, and a cooler for beverages. Once you choose a golf cart bag, you can finally spend some time testing out premium putters. While quality gear can dramatically improve your golfing experience, there’s nothing like practice! Happy golfing!

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  1. A little background about me, I’m an active golfer who goes out almost every day. I have been around the block with golf bags and I must say it doesn’t really matter which one you have. There is nothing really better about one than the other. Good luck with hunting for the best bag!

  2. I have been looking for a golf bag. Mine was second hand and just…not good. I am definitely leaning towards picking the Datrek 2017 golf bag. I like the fact that it has a cooler..so I can save money on bringing my own drinks. Also the protective storage for my cell phone, keys etc in case it rains. Thanks for the great summary of products that you suggest.

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