10 Best Golf Cart Bags
10 Best Golf Cart Bags
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Founders Club Premium
Insulated Cooler Pocket
10 Zipper Pockets
Anti-Rattle Iron Slots
Sun Mountain Golf
Smart straps
Easily connects (bag to cart)
14 way dividers
Plenty of zippered pockets
Velcro glove holder
Hot-Z Golf Cart Bag
Individual dividers
9 zippered pockets
Lightweight Nylon materials
10 pockets
Enough space to carry
E-trolley base System
TaylorMade Golf Bag
2 garment pockets
Cart optimized
Velour lined valuables pocket
OGIO Duchess Cart Bag
6 zippered pockets
Fleece lined valuables pocket
Cart strap channels
Datrek Lite Rider II
Seven pockets
Soft-grip oversized putter well
Oversized pocket
Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag
Seven total pockets
420 Denier Nylon
Oversized pocket
Callaway Golf
Magnetic range finder pocket
Dual pen holder
Magnetic valuables pockets

Buyer’s Guide

How To Organize Golf Ball

First of all, we need a golf bag and preferably would have golf clubs in it. Actually, there’s more importance to that than most people think. Not just throwing your clubs in a bag, so we want to make sure it balances. Put your shorter clubs, pitching wedge and sand wedge in the very shortest bottom end of the golf club, that’s going to hang.

Then as you go into the middle section, separate them into seven, eight, nine on the right. Four, five, six on the left. So you’ve got your shortest clubs in the middle, a little bit longer clubs on the top middle right, and longer irons, middle left.

Then your woods, put them to the top of the bag. The reason for this is balance more than anything else. Then put your putter. Now some bags have a little putter holder, which is nice, but recommended to put putter in up with your woods at the top so that it doesn’t bang on the irons and get chipped or marred by the irons. The heavier longer clubs are at the top, the low, shorter, less heavier clubs are toward the bottom. So the club balances very easily, very important.

Sometimes we have an opposite situation of that is if you don’t ever carry your clubs and you use what we call a cart bag, cart bags are arranged opposite. So the bags or the compartments that you keep your equipment in are to the outside of the cart. So your woods go to the back of the bag and your irons would go to the front. They’re balance isn’t as important because it’s riding on a cart, but it makes it easily accessible to be able to see your irons, then the woods there. If you had the woods in front on a cart with the bags the opposite way, you can’t see your clubs to get them out. So if you’re carrying, keep your shorter clubs to the front, woods at the top. If you’re riding all the time with a cart or a cart bag, keep your clubs so that your woods are to the back of your bag and your short irons are at the front so you can see them.

Video Tutorial: How to Organize Your Golf Bag

Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a golf player from New York. I have a lot of friends and I like to play with them. This site created to help people who started to play golf recently.

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  1. A little background about me, I’m an active golfer who goes out almost every day. I have been around the block with golf bags and I must say it doesn’t really matter which one you have. There is nothing really better about one than the other. Good luck with hunting for the best bag!

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