5 Best Golf Balls For 85 mph Swing Speed
5 Best Golf Balls For 85 mph Swing Speed
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Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls
One Dozen
For Longer Distance
Swing Speeds 70-90 mph
Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls
One Dozen
Short Game Performance
Longer Distance
Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls
Pack of 15
Increased Short Game Spin
HEX Aerodynamics
Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball
Pack of 15
Cut-Proof Cover
 Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls
One Dozen
Soft, Thin Cover
Lower Drag Coefficient

If you prefer to hit hard and quick in the golf green, I feel you. However, you have to invest in some good equipment to go with this flow. One of the most essential things is a set of special golf balls the design of that was created for the swings with 70-85 mph for speed. In the following review, I will tell how to choose and use these small but important trifles for winning the high-speed game.

First and foremost, look for the golf balls that have a nice, soft cover called Surlyn. It is quite durable and produces less spin than any regular ball made of urethane. Thanks to such a cover, a ball can run out more on drives and approaches because it needs more space for rolling when you chip it onto the greens. Bear in mind that urethane balls will provide more spin and hold the greens easily. They are also very soft to the touch. However, Surlyn balls are firmer with less spin.

I would also recommend buying the golf ball sets with a medium hardness (compression). Most experts believe that the balls with ultra-low compression are a bad choice if you are aiming for a speed of 85-95 mph. They are more likely to be good when your swing speed is 55-70 mph.

Tips for buyers of any golf balls

Purchase balls based on your wins. If you don’t have yet a gaming experience and you lose 6-8 balls per round – buy balls that cost about $20 per dozen. If you find it difficult to choose the manufacturer, then perform a few short strokes with different brands of golf balls and find what is the best pick for you.

When the number of balls you lose is reduced to 3-5 pieces per round, you may afford to spend about $30 per dozen. If you lose less than 3 per round, think about the Tour golf balls for $40 per dozen.

Top 5 golf balls for 85 mph swing speed:

  • Volvik offers a dozen of golf balls designed for flying a longer distance with the swing speed of 70-90 mph;
  • Titleist is another awesome dozen of balls with short game performance and longer distance stats;
  • Callaway is a pack of 15 balls with an increased short game spin and HEX aerodynamics;
  • Nitro is another set of 15 aerodynamic golf balls with a cut-proof cover;
  • Srixon is also 12-ball set with a thin, soft cover and lower drag coefficient;

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Interesting Video: Testing the Black Volvik Vivid – aka Stealth Golf Ball

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