How To Score Golf
How To Score Golf
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Golf, unlike most sports that you play, low score wins. Almost every game we play, whoever has the highest score wins the game, not here. It’s whoever has the lowest score, wins. Scoring is simply each time you swing at a golf ball trying to hit it or hitting it, counts one shot. And you count that shot from the first shot on each hole every time until you get it into the hole. And each one of those count one. So a one-foot putt has the same value as a 200-yard drive. So every shot counts. Whoever has the lowest scores wins. The other scoring on golf is if you’re watching it on the television, on the PGA tour or the LPGA tour, you won’t see a total score for the player.

Scoring golf

You’ll see a plus or a minus by their name there. One under minus one, minus two, minus three. What that is, is how many shots they have hitting it related to par. There are a par three holes, which are the shortest. Par fours are mid-range length holes. Par five, very long holes. They still are adding up the number of times they’ve hit the ball, subtracting it from the number of shots, the total number of shots par is.

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So let’s say that you’ve played three holes. You’ve played a par three, a par four and a par five. That’s a total of seven and five. 12 shots would be par. And maybe you’ve made two birdies and a par. So you went two, three, five. Well, your total is 10. So you would be two under. Pars 12, you would be 10, so you would be two under par. Sometimes when you’re watching it on tour, you’ll see that they keep track of players over par or under par versus what their total score is. But it all still comes down to do whoever hits it the least amount of times, wins.

Video Tutorial: How Does Golf Scoring Work?

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