How To Grip A Golf Club
How To Grip A Golf Club
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The perfect grip for golf, it’s a different question, a debatable question. But look, what is the perfect grip for golf? The perfect grip for golf is something that allows you to produce a consistent impact that allows you to strike the golf ball consistently and get the desired ball flight that you want. Let’s take a look at people like Paul Azinger, David Duval, maybe even Jordan Spieth. All extremely different holds on the golf club. Now look, would you want to change their grip because it looks very different, or it’s strong or it’s very weak? You wouldn’t because it allows them to produce the input that they want.

There isn’t a perfect group for golf, but there are certain things that if you get it right with how you grip the golf club, it makes it easier. And there are certain things that we don’t like to see, and there are certain things that we like to see that could certainly help produce a better impact. So if you do have a poor grip or it’s influencing your ball flight, there are certain things we’re going to go through that’s going to make it easier.

Main Issues

There are three main issues that we see and just a quick note on the best players in the world. You could line up all hundred top players in the world at the moment and they all have slightly different grips. It’s all about matching your grip to the shot that you want to get for consistency.

The Golf Club Gets Very High

We see multiple things but these are the three nasty ones that really do hinder the golf swing. The first one we see is when the club gets very high in the lead hand. The shaft is quite vertical there and we can see when you open out the hand there, that the club is running very much up the palm, up the top by the thumb, and it’s missing out the fingers. This is great for putting if you want to do that action there, but as soon as getting that club around the body, it’s not going to be very dynamic. So that’s the first one that we don’t want to see.

Deep Interlock

The next one is deep interlock. There are obviously different ways you can hold a golf club, but when we see a deep interlock. And again, there’s no freedom in the grip at all, they’re all out of position there. And it gets you very much in the palms when you do that. This deep interlock is when people get the little finger and the index finger here and they jam it right in there. There’s almost too much in there as opposed to a slight interlock, so it just puts it out of position.

Very similar to the first one. They tend to go hand in hand. It’s like you’re holding onto a hammer almost when you’re doing that.

Trail Hand

The last one is when we’ve got someone who’s slicing the golf ball or a high weak ball flight, is when they get their trail hand and they get it too much around toward the target. We have to do everything that we can to square the loft up. And if we don’t quite square the loft up, it can cause a slice. If you do square the loft up, it goes very high and weak.

So those three things really that you can see all the time that cause problems with golfers every day.

How To Avoid Problems

If you can avoid those three things, and we’re going to tell you how to avoid those three things in a moment, then you are going to build a better grip and you’re going to be more consistent when you’re striking the golf ball.

High Handle

Let’s start with the high handle. Ben Hogan’s very famous book, Modern Fundamentals, he talks about holding the golf club up in the air like so with the right hand and then placing the lead hand on the golf club. So by doing this, it’s a really good way of doing it, making sure your leading edge is in a good position there. But getting, you know, fidgeting around a little bit maybe, but getting it so that the club is running in the fingers like so and then you can just literally close the hand on the golf club like so.

When you get down to the golf ball then you can see that the shaft angle is dropped down a little bit. It’s not up in the air like you’re hitting a putt, it’s down on the ground like so. So from here it’s just so much easier to get that mobility that you need in those wrists.

Correct The Deep Interlock

You just need to work really hard, bring in the palms and sort of clap clap and shuffle them around like so. Then have the same feeling as that when you’re on the golf club. So your palms are facing each other and then from there literally you close your fingers on the golf club and then you can go into your interlock. So it’s a way of really making sure the palms are facing each other, but also running in the grip correctly.

It is a good grip for a lot of people, but often when people go for the interlock it’s when the problems happen. We don’t want to come underneath. We’re going to go from the side, get these hands working this way. Massively going to help that impact and consistency.

Right Hand

The right hand, the weak right hand as we call it because it weakens the loft on the club face. So we just mentioned there about bringing the palms in facing each other. Now the problem we often see, when we get someone who’s got this weak grip, right hand on top, we ask them to back it around here. By the time they’re ready to pull the trigger and take the club back, they’re back on top again. So what we’re going to do with this one is we’re going to take the set up, good left-hand obviously there. You have to get the palm and actually face it out. Not from coming in facing the other palm. You have to face it out in front of you. And then bring the hand in underneath and then close it on the golf club.


Things to avoid, really important, the high handle through the palm, making sure we don’t get the deep interlock and avoiding the weak right hand. If you avoid those three things and start as a guide for the things that we’ve just done there, as we said, there is no perfect grip, one perfect grip. But if you can start with some of these simple things and then really have a play around and see what works for you to get that ball flight.

Some simple things to take from that post. Any comments and questions down below.

Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a golf player from New York. I have a lot of friends and I like to play with them. This site created to help people who started to play golf recently.

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