How To Fix A Slice In Golf
How To Fix A Slice In Golf
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Let’s talk about the idea of slice first and why this happens. Then we’re going to talk about fixing your face first. Then we’re going to talk about fixing your path and then strike location. Just going straight to part four is not going to fix your slice. You’ve got to go through each part separately because each part is incredibly relevant to how you’re going to fix your slice.

How To Fix A Slice In Golf

What is a slice? A slice shot is a curvature shot and we’re going to talk for golf as a curvature shot that moves off to the right-hand side. If you are left-handed, feel free to just switch the information around.

A shoulder curves off to the right. It’s generally a week golf shot. It generally causes the fact that we don’t hit the ball very far. It puts us in so much trouble cause we can’t allow for it. The more we allow for it, the more slice that ends up happening. Let’s talk about the bones of it first and what happens with a slice. The simplest way of explaining this is a club face at contact aiming further right than the swing path direction.

How To Fix A Slice In Golf

You’ve got a swing that’s going across the golf ball is effectively a diagonal manner. Your club face is more aiming to the right of that line. I don’t necessarily mean in aiming further right to target down the fairway here, just aiming right of the swing path line. Now, two characteristics together, a swing that goes left, and a face that aims right, can now and again produce a fantastically straight golf shot or certainly a golf shot that hits the fairway. Don’t be mistaken to think if you slice it five times out of 10, it’s just a weird movement that you do. It’s not. It’s going to be the same movement. It’s just that five out of 10 shots, you’ve managed to blend those two characteristics in your swing and they’ve worked together to help you hit the ball straight, but they’re not going to last forever.

How To Fix A Slice In Golf Guide

You’re always going to slice it. We need to completely change those characteristics around. Instead of the face aiming to the right and then swinging to the left, we need to get the club face left of our swing direction first. Then we need to change the path. Once we get the face going left, then we can change your path and it’s all down to just strike solely. That is all it’s down to at first. What I want you to think about with a slight shot, and this is the first stepping stone to being able to help improve this, is I want you to be fully aware that aiming further to the left to allow for a slice is actually only going to fuel the fire. It’s only going to make you swing further to the left. A slice is very easy to fix if we understand the few characteristics, that we have to get the face going to the left of the path first. Then we can change the path.

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  1. I’ve actually managed to improve my slice after I put in some hours at the golf club. It wasn’t easy and I’m still not the best at it but I’m getting there. I’m a lefty so I switched things around and used your suggestions to improve my slice.

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